• Bingli can help administer the right care at the right time thanks to our differential diagnostic algorithms, which support triage, red flags, prioritization, and decision-making assistance. Because the patient is better prepared, in-person consultations are more qualitative and time-efficient consultation (up to 30% time-gain per consultation).
  • Bingli can help reduce the administrative burden: all data captured by Bingli are pre-coded, ready to integrate into the electronic health record.
  • Our medical practice optimization tool is used in various hospital settings, where we significantly improve patient-doctor communication for higher-quality consultations. 
A few examples of

What we serve


Survey builder

Bingli is the only solution enabling users to combine dynamic and (semi) fixed questionnaires offering a relevant intake solution for all clinical situations.


Smart anamnesis, triage, red flags, remote follow-up

  • Surgery (ortho, neuro, ORL, opthalmo, cosmetic, …)
  • Emergency medicine
  • Internal medicine (cardio, gastro, reumato, …)
  • Psychiatry


  • Pre-operative (anesthesiology)
  • Pain clinics