federal health

Enhanced patient-centered care for service members, their families and veterans

Meeting service members, their families and veterans where they are, Bingli delivers cutting edge medical history and patient assessments for medical and behavioral health.  Bingli's novel patient engagement technology delivers:

  • Differential diagnosis for primary, specialty and urgent care
  • Behavioral and mental health
  • Early detection of asymptomatic, hidden en rare diseases
  • Clinical decision support for providers
  • Navigation support and guidance for patients and providers

Deliver right level of care
To the right patient
at the right time

Why Bingli?


Clinic and Virtual Care

  • Disease agnostic

  • 90-96% differential diagnosis accuracy

  • Pre and post op virtual assessments 

  • Patient friendly chronic disease management
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Behavorial and Mental Health

  • Fixed and AI based behavioral health assessments 

  • DSM V based upon fast mental health inventory

  • Navigation to programs and services

Patient flow and referrals

  • Improve referral management  to purchased and community care

  • Boost clinic and patient flow efficiency through pre-visit assessments

  • Efficient transitions of care solutions
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  • Early detection of  asymptomatic, hidden and rare diseases

  • Real time pattern detection for new disease surveillance through AI and ML

  • Geo-location specificity