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AI guided diagnosis, disease management,
and navigation for 
and healthcare providers.

empathy in care

Boost efficiency and quality, bring empathy back to healthcare

Bingli delivers person centered, digital health solutions through dynamic, intelligent medical history and patient assessments. Bingli’s AI-powered medical practice optimization platform is built around a self-learning virtual patient engagement solutions for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Why Choose Us

Bingli is the only solution enabling users to combine AI-driven, dynamic medical history and assessments that deliver fast, intelligent clinical decision support and care navigation for providers and patients.


Improve Access
to care

In times of shortage of healthcare professionals we help to save time, increase capacity and improve quality. 30-50% of patients triaged to the right level of care.


Improve patient flow

The right care at the right time. Bingli delivers actionable insights, such as triage, prioritization, risk scores, red flags, etc.


Drive patient engagement 

Patients can answer questions at home, without any time pressure and in their own language.


Clinical Decision Support

Help doctors look beyond the obvious with our highly accurate (90-96%) differential diagnosis module.

Bingli Solutions

​Culturally and linguistically appropriate medical history and assessments
to improve early identification of conditions and disease, navigation and outcomes for patients and providers.


For triage and navigation for primary, specialty, urgent and emergency care.

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Behavorial Health

Diagnosis, triage and navigation to support whole person care (medical and behavioral care).


Pre-operative screening and assessments and transitions of care post-op / post  discharge follow up.


For rare and hidden diseases, health and wellness checks and vaccination status and more.


Clinical Research

Pre-screening for clinical trial enrollment.


Chronic disease management

Virtual monitoring with support for care pathways and patient engagement to achieve clinical goals of therapy.


Bingli for patients

Medical history are initiated by healthcare providers.

Based upon the reason of visit, Bingli uses different AI and intelligent workflow technologies to ask the right questions.

History and assessments are complete after 8 to 12 questions.


Solution for healthcare providers

Bingli determines the 10 most likely differential diagnoses with probabilities, and flags potentially serious and life-threatening events for the provider prior to the appointment.

Healthcare providers navigate patients to the appropriate level of care based upon the reason for visit, diagnosis and potential risks.

Bingli can recommend orders and referrals to the healthcare provider.


Our use cases

Solutions to support multiple programs and services.

» Reduce avoidable admissions and ED visits

» Streamline transitions of care

» Improve efficiency, effectiveness and reach of case and utilization management

» Early detection of emerging member health issues


» Pre-op – reduce same day cancellations

» Increase visit efficiency – all care settings

» Improve engagement for transitions of care for medical and mental health

» Streamline referral management

» Early detection of hidden and rare disease

» Improve provider engagement and satisfaction


» Streamline referral management

» Reduce visit costs through pre-visit assessments

» Boost follow-up / repeat visits and reduce leakage


» Virtual chronic disease management

» Triage and support for medical and mental health

» Improve care access – decision support to improve quality of care and referrals

» Early detection of hidden and rare disease